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The terms & conditions that are mentioned at the is a legal binding. It is a contract between the Matrix and ‘you’. Defined as either an individual or an entity that is represented by an individual.

It must be understood that the use of services requires one to abide by the terms of the contract. There will be no service delivered until the assent is received and the agreement is duly in place.

The word ‘service’ includes any action which is included in the scope of work mentioned on the website. The pre-requisite of the service is that one must have an active account with Matrix and a subscription is made and is active at the time of exchange.

Limitation of Liability
  • With no exception, Matrix will at no time be liable to you to pay an amount that is in excess of the fees accepted/ received for the services promised. This is when the services in question are subject to the dispute.
  • The content provided by Matrix is solely based on the ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. This is in all cases except for the ones where otherwise stated.

Cancellation and Termination
  • The rights to cancellations and refusal of service for any reasons are reserved by Matrix themselves.
  • Matrix holds the sole right to terminate or suspend your account and decline completion of all current or future access to services for the reasons stated. This includes unauthorized access to the server, portal or database, improper use of our services, theft of data, abusive or uncalled for behavior with the team/ staff.

Services / Plans
  • The term ’service’ refers to plan that one opt for and mentioned in the contract. Matrix offers multiple ranges of services entering into which you can opt for service support (update of the website pages, Content change, Update of the images, update of the database) all along the duration for which the contract is entered into..
  • All right are reserved by Matrix to modify or discontinue, either temporarily or permanently from time to time or any time the services mentioned in the contract with or without prior notice.

Data Protection
  • You are responsible for the protection of data lost due to self-update or malware attack during the use of the website. There is definitely support provided by Matrix team so that the customers are supported and the lost data is retrieved using the best technique.
  • The backup and data restoration is provided by Matrix. This is, however, is a chargeable service. The services demand that the website owners maintain the websites by backing up all the information, text, data and material. The software should be updated from time to time and everything should be stored on the media before the service is ordered and used.
  • You must understand and agree that any service and referral partner cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or liability at any given time that has arisen due to data corruption or software failure or otherwise which is outside the service mentioned in the contract.
  • Matrix is not responsible for backup copies or encourages installation and use of unlicensed software by the customers. All the software should have a licensed copy safely kept by the service users.

Payments / Credit Card Billing
  • Matrix does not store customer’s financial or personal information (Social security numbers, credit card, bank information, financials, etc.
  • You permit to continue to seek to charge or/and withhold any amount or a sum that is mentioned herein with respect to the bills for product and services rendered by them, to the credit card unless the settlements are made in full. You also agree to provide any update or change in the credit card information when necessary or when the team from Matrix approaches you for the same as the previous information is invalid.
  • You agree that neither nor affiliates enterprises will have any share in the liabilities generated by any insufficient funds or any other charges levied on you as a result of similar claims levied on your credit card.
  • It is on you to ensure the correct card information if provided to Matrix and in case debit card information is provided in case of credit card mistakenly then the charges will be levied on the same until the card information is corrected in time. If the service enrolled mentions enrollment in an automatic payment or electronic funds, you approve they are charged at’s option, from the information provided under the account details of such plan.
  • The payments made by debit or credit card will be subject to the terms and condition provided by the issuer. There is a fine for the insufficient fund in case when the charges are not processed with the credit card or the bank transfer or electronic fund transfer. The fine will be of $20.

Acceptance of Agreement
  • Every service at will require an acceptance which is done electronically to accept the service or to receive the notices electronically. You should know that by clicking on "I Agree" or "I Accept" or “Submit” anywhere on the website you enter into the aforesaid agreement.
  • You commit to conduct online transactions into which you have entered by agreeing to the
  • You must before clicking read and understand the electronic copy of the contract, records, and notices, without exception, of the agreement, including policies and amendments thereafter.

Unlawful Activity
  • withholds all right to probe and investigate complaints and reports of violation of the contract. The rights are reserved by the same to any action which deems appropriate, including but that is not limited reporting any unlawful activity to government officials, regulators or any required third-party along with disclosing any information appropriate or necessary. The information revealed to person or entities will include email addresses, profile information, usage history, IP address, posted content, traffic information etc. Any person who has any specific or general query pertaining to the term and condition should feel free to contact us via mail at