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With the growing use of technology, communication and commerce have joined hands and business styles and ways have changed. E-commerce has taken over regular styled selling and purchases. The dramatic transformation of how good and services change hands require higher online techniques that are a forte of Matrix technological solutions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are many strategies that ensure that the website shows higher on the search engines. Matrix offers the following services to optimize the website ranking:-

Keyword Density


Internal Link Structure

Search Engine Friendly Content

Link Popularity Campaigns

ON-line Competitor Analysis

Current Site Ranking Report

Validation of Website to Current W3c Standards

Inclusion of Robots Instruction File

Search Engine Sitemaps

Manual Submission to High Page Ranked Directories

Continuous Efforts For Maintenance of SEO Program

Search Engine Ranking Reports

PPC (Pay Per Click)

The PPC allows you to connect with the customers with paid advertisements. The Matrix PPC service the business can be rest assured that the PPC is handled by the right team. There are professionals who work relentlessly and in collaboration with the Google account to achieve the PPC goals.

We Help You In:-

Account Review and Goal Setting

Keyword Research

Account Structure/Restructure

Text Ad Optimization

Campaign Level Reporting

Conversion Tracking

Google Search and Display Networks

Monthly Calls and Reporting

Landing Page Optimization Recommendations

Manual Bid Management within Google Ad Words

Manual Phone Tracking within Google Ad Words

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

The most effective form of marketing which allows the product or service to show at the top when a search for the same is made is SEM. They show your ads on the top that leads to higher conversion and increased sales through the site.

We Provide these services:-

Keyword research

Campaign mapping

Ad creation

Bid management

Multi-variant testing



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