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Are you planning to develop a website? If yes, ofcourse you might have started your search for the best website development company in NYC. Finding a one will not end your task. Once you get in touch with one, you will get to know about too many things related to website development. New technologies, hosting services, different platforms and the list goes on.

An experienced web designer would identify the requirements of you and suggest you with the right technology that fits your needs. They will guide you each and every steps of website development. By staying on par with the new languages, website design company NYC knows the marketing tactics, and understand the interaction between human and machine.

Today, the websites have been transformed from HTML sites to ecommerce and responsive portals. There are a few languages that were still in the development phase a few years ago. Examples of those include HTML5, jQuery and node.js. Interestingly, these languages have become an integral part of every big web development project.

A successful web design company NYC would do usability testing on the website to make sure that the website is user-friendly. The website designers would keep their fingers on the pulse to learn about new technologies and programming languages and use them to design the site that stand out from the crowd.

The knowledge possessed by the web developers and designers help them build more unique and reputed websites for its clients. Moreover, web developers can give valuable suggestions and feedback on any application or website that helps the clients to identify the weak areas that are taking a toll on the site ranking and conversion rate.

Building SEO friendly websites using WordPress

website development_Wordpress


Planning to develop a website for your company? Then, without a second thought, you would need to choose WordPress. This Content Management System allows you to manage content on the site without the assistance of the best web development company. The interesting thing about WordPress is that, it lets your content go live as soon as it is uploaded. Fortunately, there are a myriad of WordPress plug-ins available from which you need to choose the right one along with aesthetic theme and widgets for your WordPress site.

There are also SEO plug-ins and widgets available to create site map and add Meta tags quickly to get the site indexed by all renowned search engines like Google. Everyone designing a website wants to see the site appearing on the first or second page of search engine from the day it goes live. Therefore, using SEO plug-ins will help you accomplish this goal. Prior to hiring a website design and development company in NYC, you would need to check their portfolio. This gives you a clear insight of the sites developed by them. You need to check whether or not the sites were built beautifully and are easy to navigate. This lets you decide on which designer to choose for developing and designing your website.

Tips on Server Configuration, Domain Hosting and File Management

Website development domain hosting

The key decision that has to be taken by a website owner is in choosing the right hosting company provided with online backup service. This helps you to recover the data during data loss no matter whatsoever may be the reason for the loss. Prior to choosing the hosting company, you would need to decide which type of hosting you want based on your company requirement. There are different types of hosting available. Few of them include, dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, or virtual server hosting for your website. Will explain more in detail in my next blog. Many experts prefer virtual server hosting as the server will be hosted on the cloud with the help of DirectAdmin for control panel.

Shopping Cart Templates

Selecting open-source software is ideal for start-up companies and the companies who cannot afford to buy the license version of the required software. You need to set-up an ecommerce using scripts. You can choose either Magneto or OSCommerce. As soon as you install the script, you are ready to upload all the products that are available with you in the warehouse on your ecommerce site to start selling online.

There are a myriad of templates available for free of cost. However, there would be many other ecommerce sites who would be using the same template that you are planning to use. To stand out unique from your competitors and garner the attention of target audience to land on your site, you would need to buy the premium shopping cart templates from the reliable template sites.

Tips to use MyMail newsletter plugin for WordPress

Many companies will use Mailchimp to send promotional emails and newsletters to hundreds of potential clients. If you have umpteen subscribers, then you need to use WordPress plug-in which possesses similar features to Mymail. Ideally, MyMail and Mandrill are the cost-effective options available for the companies to do email marketing, but Mandrill is available for the premium version to MailChimp. Therefore, companies are choosing MyMail over MailChimp as it is cost-effective to all.

Select the best transactional mail service for MyMail

There are many SMPT providers available in the market to offer transactional mail service for MyMail. Few of them include Mandrill, Send grid and Amazon SES. Mailgun is another lucrative and effective option available for the companies which are also offering stellar support. This is what is used by best web design company NYC. This Mailgun add-on is available for MyMail on Github. However, this does not support for the current version of MyMail.

Tips to install Mailgun for MyMail

To install Mailgun, you first need to have an account with MyMail. You can use this MyMail email marketing service for free of cost to send first 10,000 emails every month. If you would like to use Mailgun, you would have readily available SMTP service information along with credible on the domain setting’s page. You can go for the Dashboard of the Mail gun to change the settings. On the dashboard, you would find SMTP tab where you need to enter” on port “587 along with the SMTP valid credentials and then save.

Parse html with preg_match and preg_match_all

The web developers who are using preg_match and preg_match_all function, there is a big advantage which is elusive for others to understand. The key difference between preg_match and preg_match_all is that, the matched values are stored in a multi dimensional array where you have an option to store all possible matches. The preg_match_all will tell you the process of collecting images from the source values of web pages. In the HMTL document, you would use preg_match function. This function will help you extract backlinks and META description.

Easy PHP Code Debugging

There are many errors that are done by the amateur PHP coder in the initial stage of coding. However, using the right debugging tool will help you to minimize the errors you do while coding the PHP script.

Below are a few examples from the PHP manual

You can find the PHP manual online which helps you to get acquainted on this language. Every function is explained clearly with comments and examples for the newbie have to understand easily. This manual is very useful, especially for the coders who are new to coding. You can find exactly the piece of code you need. Many a times, PHP configuration will not show up the errors in the production phase. You need to generate an error report by using the below directives. However, it is not recommended to follow this tip on the site that gets huge traffic, you would need to test on your local host.



php_value display_errors 1

php_value error_reporting E_ALL

If you are planning to test the database powdered website, you would certainly come across various problems with dynamic variables that are in SQL statement. You need to test in phpMyAdmin or use the below error reporting.













$conn = mysqli_connect(“localhost”, “my_user”, “my_password”, “my_database”);


if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {

printf(“Connect failed: %s\n”, mysqli_connect_error());


} else {

if ($result = mysqli_query($conn, “SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE id = 34”)) {

// do somtehing with the result…

} else {

printf(“Error: %s\n”, mysqli_error($conn));



The PHP code crafted by you may have missing flower brackets

As the lines of PHP codes starts to exceed hundreds of lines, there are high chances of you missing to put brackets in between. You need to embrace the following two thumb rules to avoid making such errors

  • Do code indentation, every tab will have a bracket that you have used earlier
  • Leave a comment at the end of the closed brackets as \\ end, if the result is not null

There are many PHP code editors who are providing you with close bracket feature. You need to test the code with “IF” statements. When the “IF” statement fails, it returns a false. For instance,






if (mail(‘’, ‘some subject’, ‘some message’)) {

echo ‘mail send’;

} else {

echo ‘mail error’;


You can carry out doing this kind of checking time and again in every position of the crafted code. The other best way to check the PHP code is to show the output of an array, object or a variable. You can also use functions like “print_r()” or “var_dump()” to find out the values and keys from various arrays and objects.

Blank screen error

Getting a blank screen will take a lot of time to bring back to normal position for a developer. You need to keep testing with “IF” statements and then show up the message as “ok” to identify the exact location of error. If you can access the error_log from the web hosting account or the server, you can easily fix the issue. Another key problem that is encountered while identifying the errors is that a few developers will add “@” error operatio prior to a few functions. If this is the case, the error generated by the function will not be reported.

For instance,

1 $arr = @getimagesize($image);

You should not use “@” error control operator while testing the script.

If you have come across an error message in your code while debugging and found it to be hard to fix, then you need to Google to learn about the error or ask your peer programmers to help in fixing the bug. There are many programmers who are well aware of the error you have come across while programming.

PHP download file script

This is most sought after PHP download script by developers. There is another simple method that was used earlier until the client wants the site visitors to download large files from the directory that is password protected. The PHP scripts works better on the files stored on Apache web server. This script is widely used by the developers to download bulk or large file size, i.e .more than 500 MB. You can use a cache control header to download the text files and other content files easily which are opened by the web browser by default.

PHP download file features:

  • File name passed through a query string is sanitized with the help of PHP function, preg_replace() and filter_var()
  • To keep the script secure and safe from hackers to exploit, the PHP function called pathinfo() is used to parse the file path. If the parsing is done without issues, then the rest file handling process goes smooth
  • File download script can also be created for the files bigger than 500 MB.




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