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Integration of Payment Gateway for eCommerce

Whenever we talk about an online business, there are few generic names which strikes into our mind like webs designing, online pharmaceutical businesses, retail business, technical support, eCommerce etc. eCommerce is one of the businesses that has deep reach among the masses. The business has its clientele in all segments. Today consumers from all income groups and age groups utilize the services of eCommerce businesses for personal as well as professional purposes. From a house maker to an associate uses one or other eCommerce portal to purchases goods or services. This industry has given another pace to the economy as it bridged the gap between the customers and vendors using internet.

Ecommerce as a pattern has being in the ascent for couple of years now. Different modern experts have begun ringing chimes about its defeat for calm at some point. We think that it’s amazing and rather feel, it will just broaden and differentiate in different sorts of goods and services. Online businesses like goods, retail things, beauty care products and household products, wine and liquor as some prominent case and will just increment exponentially with the energize part – be it versatile revive , DTH revive or Bill Payments for everyday things.

When we are discussing the significance of the industry, we should also talk about the common queries raised by the eCommerce merchants. Being a business owner, payments is the factor of utmost importance. It’s the matter of survival of any business. As in eCommerce the interaction between eCommerce merchants and customers is done via internet only, there is almost no personal interaction. So, such business has the option to accept using online or credit payments methods. For this, the merchants have to get a merchant account from payment processors.

As it diversifies into this other cricks the payment gateway integration for this eCommerce websites will be of extreme importance.

Now, when you have already landed to the web portal, then you don’t have to worry much as we provide easy services within considerable time. Cart Pay offers regular and high risk merchant account to the online businesses with no much effort. Merchants get their account live within 3 working days. We offer API integration, in which we offer preset codes to our clients. The API designed by our developers offers smooth integration. Being a merchant you just have to get the integration kit and use it on the checkout page of your website.

The integration kit is easy to get modified as per the need of the clients. With our kit, you can offer 130+ payment methods to your clients including Point of Sale, Credit Card, MOTO, VT, Apple Pay, etc.

We offers a dedicated payment gateway for eCommerce. Our server is efficient to handle numerous payments processing at single point of time. Our payment gateway is encrypted with SSL to offer surplus security to the clients and their customers. All of processing is done strictly according to the guidelines of PCI DSS.
If you want to learn more about us, please refer to our website and apply now to avail attractive offers.

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