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Fundamental resources for the beginners in Java programmers

Java programming language has a strong history that helps it to retain its popularity in the world of programming. Various programming languages have been introduced in the market, but none of them could hamper the reputation and fame of Java. Java is essential in the initial levels of learning programming languages, especially for beginners. The trick is that Java programming is quite simple to pick up but very difficult to adept. Programmers can take help of several tutorials to learn about this language and be comfortable in it. The processes of progressing into the language are difficult. The facts mentioned below will help any programmer to sharpen their skills in Java programming.

Java for Complete Beginners

Online, Rupal S

This is an online course that is best for people who supports learning visually like using animations or people talking. The course advances slowly in the beginning and gradually takes up the pace while entering into the advanced topics. An individual can explore the playlist and learn about any topic of their choice.

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The Java Tutorials

Online or Book, Oracle

Oracle which is a Java caretaker has written these tutorials. There is a wide range of tutorials that includes everything about the Java programming language starting from introduction to fundamental topics to user-interface, generics, and APIs. The tutorials focus mainly on the features of the language and the syntax. This tutorial is also available in the form of a book. Java has been in this industry for nearly 23 years, and several updated versions have been launched throughout its lifespan. These tutorials are based on Java 8 and do not cover Java 9 or Java 10. This fact is a prevalent problem with programming languages that survive for such long periods.

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Head First Design Patterns

Book, Elisabeth Robson, and Eric Freeman

It is quite tough to cross the 2000s cover, and when an individual has passed it, the Head First Design Patterns provides a list of the most popular patterns which will save the development time of any developer. The complete thing is interesting due to the involvement of humorous tone and formats that one can visualize.

Android Developer Guides

Online, Google

Individuals, who are kin to develop a program for the Android mainly focuses on mastering the Java programming language. This tutorial, Android Developer Guides helps people to create smartphone apps on their own for their smartphones.

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Object-oriented programming with Java

Online, University of Helsinki

This tutorial guide is available in English language and is made in Finland. This tutorial guide can be completed in 12 weeks’ time, and one can master the object-oriented programming. The contents are the same as that at the university. Grasping the first part is quite easy, but by the time a person reaches the second part the topics get tough.

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