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Enterprise Services

Business operations require robust technological support to run maintain the functioning in an effective manner. With the advancements in market demands and the higher need for cut-throat strategies, it becomes imperative to integrate business goals and technological aims to reach a zenith in the performance. The portfolio of services provided by ‘Matrix’ empowers the business to align technological and business goals. The service has a holistic view of operations and provides support to variousdifferent business verticals. No stone is left unturned to ensure that the ecosystem is backed by latest advancements. The team that is behind the successful implementation of technical advancements comes with years of industry experience. They are equipped with skills to manage the processes, increase customer satisfaction and create a self-driven workforce all with the help of technical power. The team provides real-time and practical consultation to improve customer experience. These pragmatic advice are based on detailed market survey and keeping the customer’s requirements as a priority.

We go beyond the regular framework of service to create a positive impact on the business and its customers.

What We Offer

Applications Services

At “matrix’ we believe in a holistic approach and thus we support our customers with technology architecture, design, implementation and through to maintenance and support. The idea is to engage the customers in offering them better and advanced products. The competencies we poses enclose complex business application used in SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Java, Oracle or any other open source technology.

Outsourced Product Development

We support you to achieve your goals by undertaking the development of products which has newer innovation, higher scalability, and lower TCO. The process is meticulously designed to support the development of a product. There is a no-error delivery process and design model which starts right from the inception of the idea moves to designing, development, testing, and maintenance. There are possibilities of improvement and up gradation if deemed fit. We offer you an expertise like non-other in the industry.

Mobile Development

With the small screen ruling every market segment we offer the creation of small mobile applications which connect the older and newer generation. Matrix empowers the business to lead in the race of mobile revolution; this is by combining the latest technology with the communication channel. The area of competencies includes iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Portal Design & Development

Matrix offer designs and development services, which allows the business to access their business and services platform from a virtual location. There are multi-domain web portals which have various branches B2B, e-commerce applications, B2C, Social networks, SharePoint, knowledge management and content design.

Application Services

There is no doubt that business is driven largely by technology. Every business now is investing a huge amount of money in technology to gain the competitive edge over its competitors which can be in the field of product/Service or location. When the business expands then the stakeholders also raise demands for new and improved features. The requirement is for effective business management and optimization of business applications which are imperative for success, the role of enterprise management kicks in from here. Improve the capabilities of the business by reaching out to a new market and existing market quicker using the new offerings. There are full lifecycle capabilities that matrix offers which range from technology architecture, implementation & design which goes to maintenance and support. The team has rigorous skills developed while working with business applications n Java, Microsoft, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, Open source technologies and Siebel.

Custom development

The team at matrix has experience and deep understating of the domain which provides it with the edge of creating applications that can easily integrate with the current system and strengthen the overall IT strategy of any enterprise. The SOP bases approach empowers the enterprise for a transformation by redesigning business process modeling, virtualization, etc.

Maintenance and support

The dedicated team provides services to the enterprise that empowers them to minimize the TCO on their applications investment. The highly optimized and evolved onsite-offshore-offsite combination allows the enterprises to continuously minimize the cost and in exchange focus on the long-term vision and technology roadmap.

Migration and reengineering

The support for complex legacy system problem without unreasonable investments is what team Matrix. The migration services provided are based on metrics framework which allows you to choose various modernization processes like web enabling, componentization, re-hosting, and re-engineering. The experience of the team with large-scale migrations facilities allows database migration, language migration, and platform migration.

Outsourced Product Development

Every enterprise is unique and so are their objectives for the business and technology. There is no doubt that technology has taken over the main platform as a business strategy, the need for innovation is highly regarded as a specialized practice which helps create and maintain a competitive edge. The enterprises thus require products that are usher and novel innovation into the business. The business leaders state that innovation in today’s world is a key which can provide a differentiated offering. This lead to enterprises looking for collaboration with partners who can convert their ideas into innovative products. The demand is for a product that can respond to business change and accommodate the budget constraints. Leveraging years of development experience and technology expertise the team at Matrix infuse life into the products which are in consensus with the business goals. The product development practices at matrix follow cutting-edge technologies which enable the development of novel software products. The product development life cycle is safely designed and meticulously delivered models are followed for conceptualization to end design. Matrix brings together a team of experts and professionals who understand the needs and requirements of the enterprise along with keeping the time frame at the center. All this is undertaken in a cost-effective way as the budget is the primary concern. The team analyze the situation and deliver a solution which is applicable to the real world. The business objectives are tied to the real results so that the goals are achieved. The team Matrix has in-depth knowledge of the industry standard architectures and best practices which followed at all time.

Product Development

Construe technology visions into a business advantage with the product development service. Matrix has a consultative approach and works ona process driven methodology which empowers enterprises to move into innovative practices. The team at matrix works right from product architecture till implementation and training, along with empowering the enterprise with novelty and competitive edge. The services that are provided are designing, development, engineering, implementation, and training along with mobile enablement.

Product Testing & QA

The dedicated software product testing service provided b matrix allows enterprises to validate the technologies they are using in line with the requirements of the business and ROI. These offshore services consist of every aspect of the product quality which includes integration testing, unit testing, usability testing, security, system testing,functional testing, interoperability, compatibility, and security.

Product Sustenance Engineering

The sustenance engineering support promoted by Matrix enables the enterprise to minimize the cost of ownership and increase the return on investment using the current technology products. The team at Matrix establishes a communication with the business heads and understands the enterprise’s future needs and the roadmap for each product. The engineering support sustenance services include performance optimization, product enhancement, patch management and change management.

Product Support and Maintenance

The matrix support and maintenance of the product’s feature involve capabilities to make sure that business continuity is maintained and evolve along with the changing business environment. The services provided are feature addition and enhancement, end-user support, version upgrades, monitoring, troubleshooting, and documentation.

Mobile Development

The growth of the mobile devices and the numerous increases in the people using it has opened new opportunities. The whole scenario also created a strong need to stay connected to the business. The work of the enterprises has changed operational style as they provide the workforce with smart-phones which have positively impacted the productivity and efficiency even form the processes. Smart-phones have become the new way that drives technology consumption. Mobile phones are the new computing platforms as claimed by all the new researches. Matrix collaborated with the latest technology and communication that provide the solution for next-generation application for mobile. The dedicated have years of experience in creating low-cost, high-performance applications that cater to various platforms and devices.

iPhone Apps

The dedicated team of professionals has in-depth experience and knowledge in developing iPhone applications and widgets which is across industries which include business solutions, healthcare, entertainment, education/e-learning, gaming and online.

iPad Services

iPad is increasingly used as a source of entertainment. This has created newer opportunities that allow applications to run on the gadget which creates a huge market. Matrix applies innovation and out-of-box thinking at each possible step of the development process to create iPad applications and widgets which is across entertainment, publishing, lifestyle, gaming, and e-learning industries.

Android Services

Matrix is dedicated to providing quality third-party applications for Android, the open operating system which is available for smartbooks and cell phones that is supported by over 30 major hardware and telecom companies. The Android development provided by our team comes with the power to give a better mobile experience. The developers ensure that you get most out of the Google Android SDK’s APIs, sample code, debugging tools, handset emulator, risk-free Android apps, risk-free, create high-end safe Android apps across, pharma, security, gaming, entertainment and automation companies.

Portal Design & Development

Every business enterprise requires investing in the web. This works as a real estate which allows the enterprise to create information ecosystem which is directed at internal and external stakeholders. With the multitude of technologies, the online world today is the reason for engaging the stakeholders with important and relevant information. The power of web technology is that it provides multi-dimension efficiencies which are in the form of brand engagement, collaboration, information technology etc. Thus design and usability engineering have become et factors for every business enterprise. The experience of the team in web technologies empowers enterprises to create websites and properties online that multiplies brand objectives, goals, and business aims. The professional ensures that the enterprise gets effective web designs which have great features. Leveraging the expertise of the professional and their experience the custom websites are created with ease no matter how much complexities one has to go through. Whether you require portal web designs, maintenance or development, team matrix can undertake the task and execute it with professional finesse and artist bend. The experience comprises of multi-domain web portal development which includes B2B, B2C, Sharepoint, e-commerce applications, Social network, knowledge management, content distribution, and communities.

Design and development

The website should enjoy high creativity and intelligent navigation that is provided by the dedicated team of Matrix. The customers are provided with end-to-end capabilities related to technology along with front-end designing to back-end development and integration.

Usability engineering

The website with creative and intelligent navigation requires backing by rich functionality which leads to higher engagement and customers revisits. The standard followed by the team helps in improved experience each time a customer comes to the website.

Corporate identity

Matrix has a team of professional graphic designers who have a unique style and approach to branding. They present an entire gamut of logo design, multimedia, stationery, and flash presentation which are in alignment with the objective of the enterprise.

Wire framing

The impact of a visual prototype of the design interface and the architecture of any website along with the inter-relationship amongst the pages is required by many enterprises. The dedicated team creates such prototypes for highly interactive and static websites in the planning and designing phase. This phase allows the enterprises to make amends and control the implementation and launch the new websites, microsites, intranets etc.